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Wholesale. Buy ORIGINAL, used iPads, iPhones and Samsung phones Wholesale.

OUR MISSION IS to help more EU, US, and Worldwide wholesalers and distributors BUY and SHIP from Hong Kong – original, used, Grade “A” iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices

Since 2016, we have run our family-owned wholesale business in Hong Kong. We see an excellent opportunity to bridge the gap between the traditional Chinese way of doing business and the West’s expectations of proper customer service. Because let’s admit it – the current situation requires significant bridging efforts to address both the Chinese and Western customers’ needs.

Our values are simple. Help our customers build their wholesale, distribution, or e-retail businesses. And what does our customer need to grow? A constant and reliable source of the product to sell, zero headaches when it comes to quality control here in China, and someone who understands the customer’s ever-changing needs.

That’s it. We work with you the way you want to be worked with. Buy little, buy more, sell , grow your wholesale, distribution, brick-and-mortar, or e-Bay and Amazon business! Buy iPads wholesale, buy iPhones wholesale, then buy some more iPads in bulk and let your customers buy those wholesale or retail , all the while not minding this bulky sentence.

We now sell wholesale to The Americas ( the U.S, of course, is a big market) ,  the Middle East , Europe, and while doing this we help all of our partners employ hundreds of people around the globe!

Become part of our family by visiting our website and sending us a text message or giving us a call ! B2B Wholesale only.


See our entire catalogue of reburbished & renewed iPads and iPhones.


Find out about our refurbishing process & our different grades of HK-Refurbished-Stock iPads and iPhones


Check out the user manuals online, get in touch with one of our experts, guide to buy wholesale and more..
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The same Day Shipping from HK/EU Stock

Super important for every client to get their inventory delivered to them FAST! You need to turn your cash and we need you to become our happy client!

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Customer Feedbacks


"The refurbishing expertise we have developed and which our teams have been successfully demonstrating over the last 8 years, has made the HK-Refurbished-Stock refurbished smartphones brand a key player, widely recognised for the quality of its products."
"Refurbished mobiles from big-name brands are the answer to a real trend in consumption and fit in well with market expectations. They help distributors to differentiate themselves and make themselves more attractive by offering their customers high-quality products for less . Refurbished name brand phones are also a true alternative to low-cost smartphones"
Sales Director

All our iPads and iPhones are 100% factory UNLOCKED and IMEI checked against carrier blacklist.

All versions for U.S or international market.

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buy iphones wholesale HK
buy Samsung wholesale HK
buy Samsung wholesale shenzhen
buy iphones wholesale shenzhen


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Buy refurbished iPhones and Samsung phones from
HK Refurbished Stock. Wholesale only.

Buy refurbished iPhones and Samsung phones from HK Refurbished Stock. Wholesale only.