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Apple iPhone Charger – wholesale from $1.9

Apple iPad Charger – wholesale from $4.9

Apple lighting Cable – wholesale  from $1.9

Samsung USB C charging Cable – wholesale from $1.3


Apple Iphone accessories wholesale

Welcome to the world of power. A realm of comfort, convenience, and connectivity. You are probably here because you need to solve either a connectivity or communication problem; we are here to tell you we can. Here, we offer technological solutions for devices of all types, brands,s, and purposes, all at wholesale prices. Yes, you heard that right – wholesale!

First, let’s get into what we offer. You have two choices – you can source your iPhone accessories, iPhone chargers, iPad chargers, iPhone lightning cables, and iPhone charging cables from the Apple Store and still end up needing new ones because they get old and brake, or you could purchase everything-iPhone, and even Apple iWatch charging cables and accessories from us at wholesale, or at a bulk price for an even sweeter deal. This eventually helps you save some money every time your dog chews up your iPhone charging cable or you rip out your iPad charger off the wall too quickly. You can view pictures of all our iPhone accessories and iPhone charging cables, for all regions, above for clarification of models, colors, features and prices. We also have our bulk prices set up if you’d like to browse through our deals. We offer wholesale bulk prices as low as $1.9 for the Apple iPhone Charger and the iPhone lightning cable, and from $4.9 for the iPad charger.

iPhone chargers, iPad chargers, and iPhone charging cables aside, we also offer other iPhone accessories, like the Apple iWatch charging cables, the MagSafe chargers, and iPhone headphones too. The MagSafe chargers are a new magnetic technology from Apple that is built into the new iPhone 12 models for easy attachment and fast, wireless charging. The iPhone headphones are a necessity too, and we offer these headphones because they come with the lightning connecter which has the EarPods that maximize sound output and minimize sound loss for high-quality audio. The iPhone headphones with the lightning connector also have a built-in remote to adjust playback, volume, and answer calls. We also offer the iPhone headphones in bulk at wholesale price! A bargain for a necessity.

We felt it fitting to offer other iPhone accessories such as the MagSafe chargers, iPhone headphones, and Apple iWatch charging cables, besides the basic iPhone lightning cables, iPhone and iPad chargers as Apple innovations are ever-developing. We want to stay on top of the trends and offer the most reasonable prices. We also want to keep up with all the modernizations in the world of connectivity, such as the MagSafe chargers which operate with revolutionary engineering to ease the pressures of our daily lives. We also offer iPhone accessories, such as iPhone charging cables, in bulk to ensure we do so. You can check out our prices for individual and bulk orders, as well as features and more information about the accessories we offer.

Okay … enough about iPhone lightning cables, Apple iWatch charging cables, and iPhone chargers, I think you got the picture that we have it all – both individual and bulk at wholesale prices of course. And we’ve established that we have also got the new stuff; MagSafe chargers and all. Let’s move on because we have a lot more solutions to offer.

We’ve also got the AKG Samsung headphones – a big hit in the music world. Now that we have the famous Air Pods by Apple, which can be charged by the iPhone charger and iPhone lightning cable, iPad charger, and the Apple iWatch charging cable, by the way, Samsung has stepped up their audio game with the AKG Samsung headphones. Its ground-breaking technology allows you to listen to music, get directions, and answer the phone. The AKG Samsung headphones are tuned by AKG, a legacy studio brand with 70 years of experience in audio providing a clear, crisp, and authentic sound. Did I mention you can get them at wholesale price?

Now, more for our Samsung fanatics; we also supply Samsung USB C charging cables, which are a necessity in the Samsung domain, just like the AKG Samsung headphones. The popularity of the Samsung USB C charging cable is ever-growing, especially because the USB C specification is now used for so many devices, including newer MacBook models. The Samsung USB C charging cables go for as low as $1.3 wholesale price. We also offer the Samsung USB C cables in bulk at a reasonable price. The AKG Samsung headphones and Samsung USB C charging cable are must-haves, individual or bulk, and you can check out their features above.