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We offer a carefully sorted inventory of Apple phones, including a consistent supply of wholesale iPhones obtained directly from carriers. Recognizing your pursuit of a top-tier wholesale phone supplier, we aspire to establish ourselves as your ultimate business collaborator. We supply wholesale unlocked iPhones for sale in different grades.

With HK Refurbished Stock, procuring smartphones at wholesale rates is a constant convenience. As the landscape of wholesale unlocked iPhones continues to swiftly transform, rest assured, we remain pioneers of technology, vending the newest wholesale cell phone models. Our unwavering conviction underscores the fact that, when it comes to wholesale cell phones in HK, no partner surpasses us.

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iPads, iPhones, Android Smartphones Graded and Refurbished Product Lines

HK-Refurbished-Stock supports international insurers in rolling out mobile replacement programs. By using HK-Refurbished-Stock reconditioned smartphones, our partners make significant reductions in the cost of their mobile insurance plans while ensuring that their clients are fully satisfied.

What We Offer to Our Partners

HK Refurbished Stock is committed to providing the best mobile phones wholesale buying experience to its partners. Apart from the high-quality stock of refurbished iPhone models, we focus on delivering excellent customer service to our clients by providing them with dynamic support during or after the purchase.

Our expert sales executives are always available to answer your queries with a smile and will give you the relevant information. When you Choose HK Refurbished Stock to buy Apple iPhone wholesale or iPads, you are entitled to the following benefits: 

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International Shipping

HK Refurbished Stock supplies refurbished iPhone models in bulk to the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and France market. HK Refurbished Stock makes the process of buying used iPhones in bulk simple, fast, and hassle-free.

Seamless Order Portal

You don’t need to send several emails to purchase or replace refurbished iPhones in bulk that you buy from us. Send us a message, and our expert will connect with you in the shortest time to help you with your problem.

High-Quality Tested Devices

When you buy Apple iPhone wholesale from us, you get the assurance to get only devices that are thoroughly tested.

Varied Device Options

We have a huge inventory that contains all the top-selling Apple products and update it every day so that our partners get what they want at the best prices.

Special Warranty

We also provide a special warranty of 3 months or 12 months on our devices to back up our partners in any unfortunate situations.

We sell top-tier refurbished iPhones in bulk with proper billing and assured support in the future to our clients. Expect the best deals from the most trusted wholesale iPhones dealer, HK Refurbished Stock, and get them fulfilled.

Join The Renewal Revolution

Choose HK-Refurbished-Stock for high-quality, eco-friendly unlocked Apple devices. All our iPads and iPhones are thoroughly checked in specialized plants in Shenzhen and Hong Kong before units are offered to our customers.

By buying “A” Grade  HK-Refurbished-Stock Refurbished renewed iPads and iPhones, you get excellent quality devices at prices that allow you to meet your margin goals. We understand and cater to the unique challenges that retailers and wholesalers face, including the need for consistent and accurate testing and grading.

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