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Used iphones from Hong Kong
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Dirty secret behind CPO stock –what is it, really?  “A” grade same as CPO ?! 

Hi there, this is David,

So what do you do? Just ask the seller – does It come with 12 months factory warranty? And if the answer is NO, ask them Why are you calling this stock Certified Pre-Owned? Who Certified it?!?

David Abbott

Used iPhone prices are set to plummet, don’t be caught holding the bag.

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Septemeber iPhone price drop

Why Chinese suppliers keep sending you bad product and why they won’t answer all of your questions in an email ?

buy Samsung wholesale Hong Kong

So, don’t get mad at your Chinese suppliers, their world is a different and very special bubble. All you can do is have your crack QA team on the ground in China or (wink, wink) work with , at least if you are in the mobile phone business.

David Abbott

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