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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your questions for wholesale iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

We accept bank wire transfers as regular means of payment from our clients. PayPal can be discussed as the means of payment for sample orders only and on a case-by-case basis.

We aim at sending your order within 48 working hours from the time your online order is confirmed and paid. After that, it takes DHL 72-96  hours to deliver the product to your office or warehouse.

An HK Refurbished Stock fully refurbished smartphone looks and feels brand new. All the customer-facing parts, including the back cover, LCD glass, headphones, and charging ports as well as volume and home buttons are replaced with new parts. We always use original LCDs and this is an important detail you should keep in mind. The result is, that the phone looks and feels like new.

We always use DHL to ship our products. The parcel is delivered to the DHL warehouse in HK and will make its way to your doorstep from there. DHL takes care of customs clearance procedures. If your country has VAT or considers mobile phones a dutiable type of goods, you will have to pay these fees to DHL (on their website or in person at the local DHL office) before the goods are delivered from the local DHL office in your town to you.

For example, in the US there are no VAT or customs duties to be paid, whereas in India both are levied. The value of the invoice will determine the duties to be paid in India.

You will have a DHL tracking number as soon as your shipment is logged into the DHL system in HK. You can use this tracking number to trace every movement of your shipment on:

If your device stops working, it will be exchanged. To arrange for this, make a warranty claim by contacting.

HK Refurbished Stock customer service by email. Details of the returns and exchange procedure will be sent to you. Accessories are also covered by our RMA warranty. Most of our clients send us returns once a month.

Yes, all refurbished smartphones sold by HK Refurbished Stock are factory unlocked.

Yes, all of our products are delivered with compatible accessories: battery, charger, hands-free kit, and USB cable. The wall plug will be supplied in accordance with your regional requirements. (i.e. UK charger, US charger, EU charger, etc)

Click on the contact us page and either call, email, or use WhatsApp with your inquiry. Mind the time difference with HK.

Yes, all of our products are delivered with compatible accessories: battery, charger, hands-free kit, and USB cable.

Find all user manuals for HK-Refurbished-Stock products on the partner shop from which you bought the product, or directly in the help section of this site.

Yes, all reconditioned smartphones sold by HK-Refurbished-Stock are unlocked.

No – unless otherwise indicated on the reseller’s site, mobiles are sold without SIM cards and are unlocked (not tied to any operator).

An HK-Refurbished-Stock reconditioned smartphone is one that has already had a first life. After collecting it from its first owner, we clean it, then one of our teams of qualified technicians performs a detailed technical assessment. All functions are tested and confirmed. All data from the previous user is deleted. The screen will not be scratched in any way but the cover may show some superficial signs of wear (micro-scratches) from previous careful use of the device.

We will send your order within 48 working hours at the latest from when your online order is confirmed. In most cases, it takes carriers less than 48 hours to deliver the product to your home or a collection point.

When you receive a parcel, ensure that you check the general condition of the parcel and the security tape, in the presence of the postal or delivery employee. If you have the slightest doubt or concern, make sure you check the contents of the parcel in the presence of the delivery employee.

You can track your order from the partner shop where you placed your order. To log in, type in the order number from your confirmation email as well as the email address that you gave when you made your account.

When your parcel is sent, you will receive an email with a tracking number from the carrier which will enable you to track the parcel from our warehouses to your home or collection point.

Your account will be debited as soon as your online order is confirmed.

We provide a 3-month special warranty on all the devices and replace the device in case there is an issue. A 12 months warranty option is also available on the iPads wholesale.

In accordance with legal provisions, you have 14 clear days from receiving your order from our partner’s site to inform HK-Refurbished-Stock that you want to cancel your purchase. After this time, you no longer have the option to cancel or be reimbursed for your order.

If your device stops working, it will be exchanged. To arrange for this, make a warranty claim by contacting HK-Refurbished-Stock customer service by email. Details of the returns and exchange procedure will be sent to you. Accessories are also covered by an equivalent warranty.

If you bought your HK-Refurbished-Stock device in a shop, you need to ask this shop directly about the warranty procedure.

All our Samsung phones undergo strict quality testing before they are shipped to ensure first-grade condition. Our confidence reflects in the warranty options we have on our Samsung phones wholesale stocks.

We offer a wide variety of Samsung phones wholesale. Browse through our latest inventory to grab your best picks at great deals. 

Please send us your requirements through the website to get the wholesale price list for refurbished Samsung phones. Select Samsung phone models, specify your quantity, and order. The easiest way to get in touch with us is via the “Contact Us” page, WhatsApp, or email.

Contact Us Page

WhatsApp: +852 5982 15 36


It depends upon the product you choose and the size of your Samsung phone’s wholesale bulk stock. Please contact us to get the latest Samsung phones wholesale price list.

The moment your parcel is dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can track your shipment through the provided number. 

Yes, we have a wide variety of all the Samsung phones and their models available in bulk for wholesale online

Yes, we offer a three-month warranty on all our Samsung devices. There is a twelve-month warranty provision available for some special devices as well. 

All our Samsung phones wholesale comes with compatible accessories like a charger, USB cable, hands-free kit, and battery

As soon as you place your Samsung phone wholesale order, your shipment is dispatched from our storage units. You will get your shipment in 48 hours

HK Refurbished Stock is a renowned and the most reliable Hong Kong-based refurbished & used phone supplier providing the best quality Samsung mobile wholesale online in bulk to our international clientele base. Please contact us and start selling and earning.

First, ensure that your wholesale supplier can be trusted in terms of quality by looking into their testimonials. Secondly, browse through the available technical information of the concerned product provided by your wholesale supplier.

You can source the best quality Samsung phones wholesale in Europe from the trusted and renowned HK Refurbished Stock. We are a Hong-Kong based wholesale supplier providing high-grade Samsung devices at great deals.

Yes, we ship Samsung phones wholesale to the whole of the European countries – the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and France.

The minimum order quantity for wholesale Samsung phones is 50 pieces.


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