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We offer a variety of A grade iPads. Our stock is updated daily - contact us for most current iPads wholesale list.

"A" Grade, New, and Certified Refurbished stock available. B2B only.

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Currently, HK Refurbished Stock operates in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China and regardless of our customer’s location, they can still buy iPads wholesale and iPhones, thanks to our diversified logistics channels.

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A word from our Chief Financial Officer

Over time we have established wholesaling and grading expertise. The HK Refurbished Stock team has been in the industry for over 5 years, gaining a vast experience of what the customer is looking for in the used  iPads and iPhones wholesale markets. Our brand is owned by the HKRefurbished Stock group and Its primary focus is enabling the customer access used iPads in bulk.

Our market advantage.

We uniquely package iPads wholesale products, allowing the customer to buy more HK-refurbished-Stock iPads. That said, our customers should not worry about receiving iPads wholesale products in faulty conditions due to poor packaging. We value packaging as one of the key considerations when dealing with our customers.

What do we do?

Our international presence

According to the HK Refurbished Stock sales director, iPad is a big name, and so is their price. Due to difficult economic times, not all customers can afford new iPads, though they’d love to. As a result, our company aims at enabling our customers to buy used iPads wholesale at an affordable price. Buy iPads wholesale from us and enjoy fully unlocked units, regardless of your location. This factor enables the HK-refurbished iPads to suit the global market expectations.

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Grading iPads wholesale products

We do grade iPads wholesale in two different categories: standard & premium and renewed. We critically assess all our iPads and iPhones during the gradind process. This assessment ensurestests all our productsto ensure that they are working effectively, as per our strict standards.

What happens inside our warehouse?

We thoroughly check iPads products here, thanks to our specialized team operating the warehouses based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. The products are cleaned to give them a new look and tested for a variety  of faults. We complete the following actions to provide our customers with high-quality iPads wholesale products:

Key things you should know about us

The process of transforming iPads wholesale

To our esteemed customers

Buy an HK-refurbished iPads and iPhones from us and help us support hundreds of our partners’ employees globally. Enjoy the best grading and buyer support  in the market. All our products are fully unlocked. That said no model selection restrictions due to your location. Besides, we sell iPads wholesale to distributors and retail businesses on an international scale. We update our stock daily, so don’t worry if you miss the desired SKU.

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