iPhone is a premium mobile brand known for its high-quality, feature-packed devices. But not everyone’s budget fits an iPhone into it, leading to raising the demand for used iPhones. If you want to Buy iPhones Wholesale and make a good earning by selling refurbished/used iPhones, you must read this blog till the end.

Here, you will find the most common mistakes that you must avoid as a retailer while buying iPhones Wholesale.


Used iPhones – A Popular Trade In The Market

iPhones stay on the wishlist of many, and there are enough reasons for it. The top-notch features, brand value, and much more make the iPhone an exciting device to buy.

But people have to pay a bit over the odds to purchase an iPhone as it comes with hefty price tags.

For those who don’t want to spend hefty sums but have a dire desire to buy an iPhone, used/refurbished iPhones make a perfect choice.


Why Sell Used iPhones?

iPhones have a high resale value which stays intact for a longer time. As a retailer, if you plan to Buy iPhones Wholesale and sell them, you can keep good profit margins.

Moreover, it is easier to sell used iPhones than other brands because of their high demand in the market.

But only if you source your stock of used iPhones from a trusted iPhones Wholesale supplier like HK Refurbished.


Mistakes To Avoid While Buying iPhones Wholesale

Many defects might not come under the lens when you Buy iPhones Wholesale. Pay attention and avoid these common mistakes.

Don’t buy locked iPhones as it is a very tedious job plus, it requires a lot of time and increases your cost.

Locked iPhones can work with only the carrier they’re locked with. So always buy unlocked iPhones.

Sometimes, there are minor damages inside the screen that appear only under dark or light interfaces. The most commonly seen damage is irregular blue dots on the screen.

Avoid buying iPhones Wholesale that have any screen damage.

There are high chances of finding duplicate screens on iPhones that sell with the tag of used/refurbished.

Before buying iPhones Wholesale, check the difference between original and duplicate screens by knowing their differences.

  1. Duplicate screens tend to be a bit blurred and blueish
  2. Original screens fit perfectly on the device, while duplicates are a bit bigger.
  3. Duplicate screens have a sharper edge.


Your Best Source To Buy iPhones Wholesale

HK Refurbished is the most trusted iPhones Wholesale dealer to Buy iPhones Wholesale. We sell used iPhones with an exceptional warranty of 3 to 12 months and offer the best deals to retailers in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and France. 

When you Buy iPhones Wholesale from us, you shouldn’t be afraid of making any mistakes as all our devices undergo more than 100 functionality and quality tests before being added to our inventory.

Our instant device replacement policy assures you full support in case there is an issue with the quality or functionality of our devices.

Contact HK Refurbished Stock today to buy the best quality used/refurbished iPhones.


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