Buying iPhones wholesale from China is a lucrative deal for retailers who sell used or refurbished mobile devices. But the profitable deal can soon become a pain in the head if you don’t know how to find trusted iPhones wholesalers in China.

Read the full blog to discover how you can find reliable iPhones wholesalers in China.

Why Buy iPhones Wholesale from China?

Before diving in to find out how to identify trusted Chinese iPhones wholesalers, you may wonder why you buy iPhones wholesale from China.

Here’s the answer to your curiosity-filled question.

China has the largest market, where tons of products are manufactured daily for global shipment. Many second-hand or broken iPhones come to China from the US. 

The trade usually happens through Hong Kong. All such devices are then repaired or reconditioned in China. The country has extensive facilities to fix mobile and other electronic devices and is capable of reconditioning iPhones on a large scale in a cost-effective manner.

Therefore, used or refurbished iPhones are available at extremely low prices in China. Plus, the large quantity of incoming used or broken iPhones in China from different corners of the world gives buyers access to all the latest models of iPhones.

Finding Trusted iPhones Suppliers in China

If you are out to buy iPhones wholesale from China for the first time, you must be careful as there are many fraudsters ready to rob your money in exchange for poor-quality devices.

Therefore, you must learn about the qualities of trusted iPhones suppliers in China. Here are a few of them: 

1. Option to Order Sample Devices

The number one feature of a reliable iPhones wholesale supplier is that they offer you the option to place a sample order before you buy in bulk. Hence if a supplier gives this option, it’s a green light to move further.

2. Warranty on Devices

Who gives a warranty on their products? Someone who is selling genuine items. Hence, if an iPhones wholesaler is offering a warranty on the refurbished devices, it is safe to buy iPhones wholesale from them.

3. Instant Device Replacement Policy

In case you receive an order with one or more broken or non-functional iPhones, having an option of instant device replacement can keep you away from any loss. Therefore, look for wholesale iPhones dealers who offer an instant device replacement policy.

How Do You Find Trusted Chinese iPhone Dealers?

You can consider these crucial factors while identifying credible iPhones dealers in China. Now the question arises – How do you find trusted Chinese iPhones dealers?

The best option is to go to China and find the most popular iPhones dealers. But it is not viable for small-scale retailers or companies with low budgets. Such retailers can use the following pathways to find iPhones wholesalers: 

1. Google

The first option is Google. Start searching for iPhones wholesalers on Google, and make a list of all the dealers who fall right on the factors mentioned above. Look for client feedback on their websites and try to connect with their support team through a query.

2. Online Directories

Look for iPhones wholesale suppliers in the trusted online business directories of China. Identify the relevant dealers, check for the mandatory features, visit their website, and submit a query to get a quote from them for buying iPhones in bulk.

3. Attend Trade Fairs

Retailers who can afford to take a flight to China can visit the country and attend trade fairs to discover the most trusted iPhones wholesale suppliers in the Chinese market.

Now You Are Ready to Buy iPhones Wholesale

Buying iPhones wholesale from China requires a lot of preparation and knowledge to ensure you end up with a fair deal in terms of the quality of devices and price. Consider this article as a reference to find trusted iPhones wholesalers in China to buy iPhones wholesale.



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