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Renewed iPhone 11 Pro Max Specifications

Discover the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max – your portal to state-of-the-art technology, all while championing environmental sustainability and cost-consciousness. Why settle for a refurbished device when you can revel in the latest innovations and elegant design of a brand-new iPhone? With the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you unlock a world of possibilities – a flawless device, backed by Apple’s renowned craftsmanship and dependability. By selecting a new device instead of contributing to electronic waste through refurbished purchases, you’re not just saving money, but also reducing your ecological footprint. Join us in embracing progress while prioritizing the planet with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Propped up by its robust battery life and high-resolution cameras, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was highly regarded in tech reviews upon their release in 2019. The major buzz centered around the innovative three-camera system introduced with the 11 Pro Max, combining an ultra-wide lens, a standard wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens. The redesigned body allowed for a significantly larger battery compared to its predecessors.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is poised to become highly sought-after for trade-ins, as many people upgrade their phones every two to three years. If you’re searching for a wholesale provider of iPhone 11 Pro Max, HK Refurbished Stock simplifies the process of placing bulk orders for whatever quantity you require. HK Refurbished Stock maintains a live inventory, enabling you to check the availability of iPhone 11 Pro Max for wholesale orders. In case you need more than the current stock available, you can set up a stock Alert to receive email notifications when new inventory arrives. By selecting HK Refurbished Stock as your supplier of iPhone 11 Pro Max, you benefit from our transparent and precise grading process, which sets the industry standard for resale.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Tech Specs

Pro Camera System: Experience the Pro Camera System of the iPhone 11 Pro Max – featuring a triple camera system with 12 MP wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses. It’s not just about capturing moments; it’s about redefining what’s possible with your phone. Witness an unprecedented leap in battery life and delve into the power of a chip that embraces machine learning, pushing the boundaries of smartphone capabilities. Welcome to the first iPhone deemed powerful enough to be called Pro.

Delve into the details. Choose from two sizes and four stunning finishes, all encased in a sleek stainless steel and glass design. Expand your horizons as you capture up to four times more scenes and achieve stunning images even in low-light conditions. Elevate your video game with the highest-quality video capture on a smartphone, complete with editing capabilities that rival those for photos. This is photography and videography like you’ve never experienced before.

Explore the elegant and immersive interface that the iPhone 11 Pro Max offers. With a wider field of view, you can now capture more of the action outside the image frame with just a tap. And with our new Pro camera font, there’s nothing between you and your subject, ensuring you’re always fully immersed in the scene.

4K Video: Unleash your creativity with 4K video on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Capture every moment and transform it with ease – whether you’re flipping, zooming, cropping, cutting, lighting, or tweaking. Experience videos that are vividly true to life, boasting enhanced detail and seamless motion. With its epic processing power, the iPhone 11 Pro Max can effortlessly shoot 4K video with extended dynamic range and cinematic stabilization, all at a stunning 60 frames per second. Take control of your creativity with four times more scene and a suite of powerful new editing tools at your fingertips.

Ultra Wide Camera: Introducing the Ultra Wide Camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max – your passport to capturing expansive scenes like never before. When the standard frame just won’t cut it, simply zoom out and behold as the new Ultra-Wide camera reveals four times more of the scene, effortlessly transporting you to the heart of the action without moving an inch. Whether it’s majestic mountain ranges, towering cathedrals, or iconic city skylines, the Ultra Wide lens delivers an artistic perspective that’s both captivating and exhilarating to explore.

Unlock the power of perspective with Ultra Wide. Position yourself below your subject to capture shots that exude power and heroism. In confined spaces, Ultra Wide enables you to step back and encompass more of your surroundings, transforming tight quarters into expansive vistas. With its wider canvas, you can now immortalize even more expansive scenes, thanks to the Ultra Wide’s remarkable 120-degree field of view, perfect for capturing the grandeur of landscapes.

Night mode: Embrace the magic of Night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, where cutting-edge technology meets low-light environments with unparalleled brilliance. Whether you’re dining in softly lit restaurants or strolling along moonlit beaches, Night mode harnesses the power of intelligent software and the A13 Bionic chip to capture low-light shots that were once unimaginable on an iPhone. Best of all, it’s all automated, ensuring every moment in the dark is illuminated with stunning clarity. For those who crave even more control, experiment with manual settings to fine-tune your shots, capturing every detail with minimal noise.

Portrait mode: Empower your portraits with Portrait mode on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. With the synergy of three powerful cameras, you can now capture even more in your portraits than ever before. iOS 13 introduces the High-Key Light Mono effect, adding a touch of studio-style monochrome elegance to your images. Take full control of Portrait Lighting to adjust light intensity, sculpting your subject’s features with the finesse of a professional studio setup. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, High-Key Light Mono can effortlessly elevate any shot into a striking studio-worthy portrait.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: Enjoy long-lasting, all-day battery performance with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. With its advanced battery technology, this device is engineered to keep up with your busy lifestyle, ensuring you stay connected and productive from sunrise to sunset. Whether you’re streaming your favorite content, navigating through your day with apps and features, or capturing unforgettable moments, rest assured that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is designed to deliver reliable and enduring battery life, so you can focus on what matters most without interruptions.

We Stock iPhone 11 Pro Max in All Colors

At HK Refurbished Stock, we pride ourselves on providing a wide selection of used iPhone 11 Pro Max in all available colors. Whether you’re in search of the elegant Space Grey, the striking Midnight Green, the timeless Silver, or the luxurious Gold, we have got you covered. Our inventory is carefully curated to offer you the best choices when it comes to refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max. Experience the exceptional performance and cutting-edge features of the iPhone 11 Pro Max while enjoying significant savings. Explore our collection today and find the perfect used iPhone 11 Pro Max in your preferred color.

Unlocked Wholesale iPhone 11 Pro Max Devices

At HK Refurbished Stock, we offer unlocked iPhone 11 Pro Max devices graded meticulously and available for purchase in both small and large quantities. Our industry-leading grading procedures ensure transparency and guarantee that you receive exactly what you pay for.

When partnering with HK Refurbished Stock, you can always count on discovering precise wholesale prices for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Our self-guided platform is now live, empowering you to effortlessly place orders at any time. Should you require assistance, our dedicated HK Refurbished Stock team is readily available to support you in pricing, ordering, and shipping matters.

Rest assured in your purchases, as our top-notch grading system guarantees that you receive precisely what you anticipate, without fail. Unlock the potential of wholesale iPhone 11 Pro Max devices and make your purchases confidently with HK Refurbished Stock.

What We Offer to Our Customers

International Shipping: HK Refurbished Stock supplies high-quality refurbished devices to the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and France.

Consistent Inventory: Our extensive supply chain enables us to consistently provide a wide range of products, including the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Special Warranty: We also provide an exceptional warranty of 3 months or 12 months on our iPhone 11 Pro Max devices to support our partners in unfortunate situations.

Precise Grading: Our thorough grading ensures that all of our iPhone 11 Pro Max devices are of high quality and fully tested like Apple-certified refurbished devices.

Purchase with Cryptocurrency

Discover the convenience of cryptocurrency payments when purchasing your new iPhone 11 Pro Max device. Our store proudly accepts various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, offering you a secure and flexible payment option for acquiring a premium smartphone.

Unlock exclusive discounts on bulk orders of five or more iPhone 11 Pro Max devices. Whether you’re upgrading your business’s technology or replenishing your inventory, our bulk discounts ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising on the exceptional features of this top-tier iPhone model.

Seize the opportunity to own a refurbished phone in either very good or excellent condition at an unbeatable price. Enjoy significant savings and the convenience of cryptocurrency payments while receiving your fully tested device with swift delivery. Explore our shop now to enhance your mobile experience without sacrificing quality or affordability with our refurbished device models.

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Dimensions 6553802976 × 65539429755 cm



128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 64 GB


Gold, Midnight Green, Silver, Space Gray


"New" Grade A+++, Pristine, Refurbished Very Good, Very Good


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