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Make sure your inventory includes a large variety of Apple iPhones wholesale, both new and refurbished if you’re a retailer dealing in consumer electronics. But in order to ensure you pay the lowest prices and optimize your earnings, what models should you concentrate on, what pricing should you charge, and where should you get iPhones wholesale? Let’s have a look.

The Current iPhones Wholesale Market

Usage indicates that the iPhones 13 is still the most popular model on the secondary market for wholesale iPhones. The iPhones 12 and 11 models are still in high demand as users continue to either want to hold onto their previous smartphones for longer or, if they must upgrade, opt to purchase used or refurbished iPhones.

Even while new iPhones sales currently seem to be on the upswing, they are still down when compared to phone retention rates, used or refurbished phone sales, and sales of new phones. Customers are preferring to cling to their older phones, upgrade to the same model, or purchase used or refurbished iPhones wholesale for a variety of reasons. These reasons are listed below.


Except for a small number of Apple devotees and customers with unlimited funds, the cost of a replacement phone is one of the key considerations, particularly in light of the pandemic’s effects, which have reduced customers’ disposable income and increased their awareness of the need to conserve funds. It’s not difficult to understand why people would want to save money by purchasing earlier models of iPhones, refurbished devices, or used phones. The starting price of an iPhones 14 is $799, while the 512GB Max Pro variant is $1,399. Contrast that to an iPhones 7, which can be purchased for as little as $420 from a website like Amazon.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

Consumers used to enthusiastically purchase every new version of the iPhones that Apple released, regardless of how long they had owned their prior model, because each new version provided a variety of fantastic new features that made it radically different from the one before. That era has long since passed. Many users of more recent iPhones models find it unappealing to consider upgrading to a device that is virtually identical to the one they already own. It is now recommended to replace a phone with a reconditioned device that has the same or comparable capabilities or with the exact same model they currently own at a lesser price. 

People Waiting for Price Drops

Every year or so, new models are introduced, which causes prices for previous generations to decrease. For instance, a $599 iPhones 8 saw a $100 price cut when the XR was introduced. So instead of buying new, wait and save instead. Thanks to the consistency of Apple’s release dates, many more customers are waiting to do precisely that.

The ability to give customers the same phones as Apple at the same time depends on resellers of new iPhones getting their hands on devices that are going to undergo a price reduction. You’ll be able to offer cheaper pricing on the phones you have for sale, making them more appealing and hence more likely to sell if you purchase iPhones wholesale.

Written By: HK Refurbished Stock Editorial Team

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