A reliable distributor to Buy iPhones Wholesale is the main link to earning profits in a cellular business. But the question that arises is, “How to identify a good iPhones wholesale distributor.”

Identifying a Good Wholesale Distributor – What’s the Need?

The source from where you buy iPhones defines the success of your cellular business. If you buy from a reputed distributor, you are likely to get suitable quality devices that help you set up some good business fundamentals.
It is essential to know how to identify a good iPhones wholesale distributor, as there are so many fake dealers. And the main reason behind a high number of such fraudsters is the hype and demand for refurbished/used iPhones across the globe.

What Makes A Good iPhones Wholesaler?

There are so many factors that determine the credibility and reputation of an iPhones wholesaler. But the most significant attribute that a distributor should possess is a thorough device testing procedure.
Approaching a distributor that does not have a proper device testing procedure is like investing blindly in stock without knowing its actual fundamentals.

Device Testing VS Device Grading

These are two different terms that are very often mistaken to be the same. And there is a need to understand what’s the difference between the two before proceeding further.

Device Testing

It is the process a wholesale iPhones distributor follows to analyze the quality of devices based on several key indicators of functionality.

Device Grading

It is more like a subjective term that defines how a dealer classifies its devices based on their physical appearance, like the number of blemishes on the screen, edges, etc.
While every iPhones wholesale distributor follows a different grading system, there are some set functionality tests that come under Device Testing.

iPhones Functionality Test

So many tests are compiled to define the proper functionality status of iPhones, but a few are more important than the rest. A reputed dealer focuses on quality testing instead of quantity of tests.
Following are the 10 most important functionality tests that your iPhones wholesaler should be doing –

  1. Battery Charging Test
  2. Headset Test
  3. Earpiece Test
  4. Loudspeaker Test
  5. Front and rear camera Test
  6. Touchscreen Test
  7. Camera Flash Test
  8. Screen Dimming
  9. Screen Pixel Test
  10. WiFi Test

Other not-so-important functionality tests include

Multi-Touch Test
Screen Discoloration Test
GPS Signal Status Test
White Spot Test

Choose your iPhones Wholesaler Carefully

After knowing this key attribute of a good iPhones wholesaler, there are low chances that you might buy the wrong stock of refurbished iPhones.
But it isn’t the only thing to determine the quality of the dealer. Other things include –

Finding an iPhones wholesale dealer with all these attributes is quite easy as you are reading this blog. HK Refurbished Stock is the most trusted wholesale iPhones distributor that is known for providing high-quality devices at the best prices.
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Written By: HK Refurbished Stock Editorial Team

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