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OUR MISSION IS to help more EU, US, and Worldwide wholesalers and distributors BUY and SHIP from Hong Kong – original, used, Grade “A” iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices

Since 2016, we have based our family-owned business in Hong Kong.  We sell ORIGINAL , used, Grade “A” iPhones and iPads wholesale. We saw an excellent opportunity to traverse the existing gap between the conventional Chinese approach to conducting business and reasonable customer service expectations from the west. We do so because the current situation needs significant bridging.

Our core values are straightforward. Helping our customers establish their e-retail and distribution businesses. What does our customer need to build? A dependable and consistent source of used and renewed iPhones and iPads wholesale to sell, with little or no stress associated with Chinese quality control practices. Also, we help our customers better understand their customers’ needs regarding buying original used  iPhones and iPads wholesale. 

We engage with customers based on their requirements. Buy small, buy more, sell used  iPhones and iPads wholesale while growing your brick-and-mortar, distribution, or Amazon and e-Bay businesses.  Purchase used  iPhones and iPads wholesale from us while letting your customers buy product retail or wholesale. We currently sell our iPhones and iPads wholesale in the U.S, Europe, and the Middle East. As a result, we help our esteemed partners create employment for hundreds of people worldwide.

Join our family. Make the primary step – give us a call or send us a message, and you’ll enjoy our products and our service for a lifetime.

The HK-Refurbished-Stock® Brand Belongs To The The HK-Refurbished-Stock Group,

A u.s.operator and wholesaler helping you build your distribution and e-commerce retail business

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THE HK-Refurbished-Stock BRAND


Our aim is to make the latest technologies affordable for everyone while freeing our customers from certain constraints that are sometimes linked to the second-hand market. As a market leader, HK-Refurbished-Stock offers a wide range of fully refurbished phones that feel, look, and perform like new units.

WHAT we do

Refurbishing smartphones is rooted in human expertise and unique technology. We guarantee the quality of our finished product as we put the strictest QC processes in place. When you buy a HK-Refurbished-Stock mobile, you are helping to create jobs around the world and to look after the environment.

Customer Feedbacks


"The refurbishing expertise we have developed and which our teams have been successfully demonstrating over the last 8 years, has made the HK-Refurbished-Stock refurbished smartphones brand a key player, widely recognised for the quality of its products."
"Refurbished mobiles from big-name brands are the answer to a real trend in consumption and fit in well with market expectations. They help distributors to differentiate themselves and make themselves more attractive by offering their customers high-quality products for less . Refurbished name brand phones are also a true alternative to low-cost smartphones"
Sales Director

All our phones are 100% factory UNLOCKED.

Suitable for U.S or international market.

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